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Thanhoffer villa

About the villa

In its old splendour, it is again an ornament of the town of Siófok.

Villa Thanhoffer is located on a 2,342 m2 corner plot, built in the late 1890s and later turned into a local protected villa.In 2012-13 it underwent a complete renovation, which included the construction of 6 suites/rooms. The aim of the renovation was not only to preserve the value of the building but also to create an exclusive guest house that could be used in the future as a conference and meeting venue for prominent guests of the city.

The building is divided into basement + 1st floor + attic + 1st floor. On the ground floor of 205 m2 there is a small auditorium, a dining room and a kitchenette.

One of the interesting things about the villa is that it served as the headquarters of Miklós Horthy’s governor for 4 months in 1919. The most patrician villa of Siófok underwent a reconstruction to meet the requirements of the monumental standards, and subsequently received the honourable Treasure of Somogy County Award from the Somogy County Assembly.

Services at the Thanhoffer Villa

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