Kálmán Imre Open-air Theatre Siófok

Kálmán Imre Open-air Theatre is one of the most modern and the biggest open-air theatre of the Balaton area with its  1576 seats. The open-air theatre with its covered stage is located in the most beautiful part of the town, near Jókai Park. In the establishment, open in summer, theatre plays and operett performances, classical and pop concerts, dance performances, national and international programmes are held.

The history of the open-air theatre

The construction of the first open-air theatre at lake Balaton started in 1949. Even in that period there was already a high demand for summer performances and concerts.The stage was designed by the Kossuth award holder architect Mátyás Varga.

It is called after the world famous operett composer Imre Kálmán, born in Siófok, who himself was supposed to open and conduct his own piece the Gipsy Princess but he could not in the end  because of political reasons.The stage has been renewed several times. In the 70-es it became so popular that the Hungarian Television broadcasted the pop song festival from here. Moreover, here was launched „Hallo, this is Balaton!” a show that helped to start such careers as the one of János Koós, Kati Kovács, György Korda, Géza Hofi.

In the 1980-s the Interpop Festival popularized the Kálmán Imre Open-air Theatre, in wich lots of later well-known singers and bands took part. Among them: Zoltán Erika , Zámbó Jimmy, Napoleon Boulevard, Z’ZI Labor, Pa-dö-dö.

After the millenium the condition of the theatre did not meet the requirements any more and a complete renewal became necessary. By the year 2010 was the theatre modernized: the stage became larger and covered , new changing rooms and sanitary facilities were constructed. For the disabled visitors at the seats and in the bathrooms there are special units available.

The theatre as it is now, meets the age requirements and is perfectly suitable for both national and international productions to be organized.

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2017 évtől a Siófoki fizetős strandok is Szép-kártya elfogadóhelyek lettek!