Siófok Beach

Siófok Beach

Siófok Beach is one of Balaton’s largest and most frequented beach. It has a more than 8 hectare area with a capacity of 13.500 people. Siófok Beach is open for those who wish to relax and enjoy themselves seasonally, each year from May to September.

Siófok Beach received every year between 2004 and 2016 the labelling „Bluewave flag”. Its message toward the guests is that the water quality on the beach is excellent, the services are of high standard and the programmes are varied.

On the east part of the beach a sandy shore has been created which is the most popular among families with small children. Also on the east part of the beach is the water lift and the changing  room for the disabled to be found.


Young people are attracted especially by the Plázs operated also on Siófok Beach. Plázs is a modern lakeside leisure complex, which offers a variety of entertainment options day and night. Plázs has a well designed sun pier and a 200 m2 swimming pool. Who wishes to do some sports can choose among beachvolleyball, streetball, football tennis and teqball. You can also find here scitec summer gym and street workout court. In case you would like to do an out of classical water sport you can try sup, that is „rowing on foot”.

Beach soccer

In the area of the beach beach soccer is operated by MLSZ, where national and international championships are organized. On the stand of the summer seat of beach soccer even 1500 spectators can support for their teams on the matches.

Ferris wheel

A great experience is offered by the Ferris wheel open daily from 14.00 to 24.00 pm. It has a wonderful view over lake Balaton and Siófok day and night alike.

In the evening at Lake Balaton

Siófok Beach is free to be visited in the evenings and at night.You can enjoy a gorgeous view just by walking along the luminous lakeside. For those who wish to enjoy themselves popular music bands and dj-s offer entertainment.

Petőfi Promenade

South of the Siófok Beach the popular Petőfi Promenade is located with plenty of quality , restaurants, bars, entertainment and service facilities. The Promenade is used as a pedestrian precinct after 19.00 pm .

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2017 évtől a Siófoki fizetős strandok is Szép-kártya elfogadóhelyek lettek!